The Source of All Knowledge

Where do new ideas, discoveries and inventions come from?

Most people would claim that they come from their own minds and were inspired by some event, observation or even a dream. How do we account for child geniuses, who can write symphonies or speak many languages or have outstanding mathematical abilities? Many would suggest that the gifted children were born with their talents already genetically implanted. How do we account for the well known fact that when one scientist is working on a new discovery, there are probably other scientists in other parts of the world doing exactly the same research; the race is always on to publish or patent first. How do we explain the phenomenon of teaching an animal a trick in one part of the world, then teaching other animals of the same species elsewhere and finding that they learn more quickly?

We have recently received information that throws a completely new light on the questions above. We have been told that human beings are like radios, complete with antennae, that can tune into different stations. The new ideas, inspirations and inventions originate from higher dimensions: we in turn may or may not be able to tune in and pick up the available information. It is presented when mankind has evolved sufficiently and seems to come in waves (see article on Waves and Cycles). When one person has tuned in, the conduit of transference is made wider, so it becomes easier for others also to tune in. This also apply to animals and explains how a trick can be learned more easily.

As meditators we are perhaps more likely to bring down realizations and Spiritual Truths. If we speak freely, or write about our findings, then we also will be creating and widening conduits for others to discover and be transformed by. This therefore applies to the technology behind the therapeutic medicines and the EMF project. By bringing the information down and getting it out there, we are making it accessible to more people, some of whom will run with it and develop the ideas still further. At the same time the consciousness of people across the planet will change and atune, so that they will be more receptive to the new technologies.

True Knowledge has always been imparted this way.