Meditation Anywhere

Travelling in London encouraged me to meditate in places not normally thought conducive to sitting quietly and noticing on the inside. Experience has shown that we can question assumptions and create beautiful changes.

One place was on the trains, and the experience can be crowded with commuters pushing into your personal space, poorly ventilated, overheated and anonymous. So not normally the location you’d choose to declare “that’s where I’ll be meditating!”

But that’s exactly what I did. I decided it would remove the unpleasant experience of travelling on public transport at ‘rush hour’. With practice I was able to focus or concentrate on the inside wherever or whenever I was. I had the willingness to explore and the kindness and gentleness toward myself that helped me relax and focus.

It lead to something wonderful early one evening as I chose a seat on the train. I was relaxed. I closed my eyes. I felt good about myself. I focussed on the inside. I focussed on my heart. And my centres of identity or chakras if you prefer, began to disappear. Quickly, one by one. I just witnessed them disappear.

Then I became aware that as my centres disappeared I was in Love. Then I was aware I had just become Love. That this love is everywhere. It’s in all things and it supports all things. There was not a place or space where Love was not. It’s not just amazing, it’s wonderful. Not just wonderful but real beauty. Now I understand the metaphor that describes love as an infinite ocean.

So meditate anywhere you choose, so long as you are safe. It’s your decision as to when and where. It’s your beliefs or values about yourself that determine where and when you meditate.