The Spiritual Hierarchy have been helping us develop a completely new form of medicine. This new approach is both novel and profoundly simple; if embraced it could have a significant impact on the way we combat disease in the future.

Much research has gone into the building of machines which can be assembled from existing components by someone willing to follow a basic set of instructions. The operator will then need to undergo a short course of instruction which aligns perfectly with the principles learnt from the Meditation being taught through this website.


At present we are feverishly conducting trials (excuse the pun) which so far have produced amazing results. As this is the first time this therapeutic approach has been tried it is a massive learning curve for All concerned. To give you some idea of the method used: it involves electronics, water and sets of resonant frequencies accessed from other dimensions. We are in absolute awe of what we have received and are being told this is only the beginning.

By clicking on the link below you can access a website which will deal exclusively with this venture. We have posted a number of diseases that we hope to treat, together with their resonant frequencies. We realize this does not make a lot of sense without details of how to construct a machine. However, we do this to inspire you and give a sense of what is yet to come. Be patient, you will be informed of all developments the moment they happen.

As with the Meditation no monetary profits will be made and by making all information readily available no large pharmaceutical company will be able to monopolise the technology. We expect great success in the third world where the machines could be donated by Charitable organisations. Our aim is to keep the total cost of components well under $100.

A picture of our prototype equipment can be seen in the photograph below:

Resonance equipment

If people cooperate, even a poor community could group together and invest in a machine to produce medicines for everyone.

Click HERE for our Therapeutic Website