Gratitude can only manifest when our consciousness expands sufficiently, to reveal the perception of the relationship, between self and the non-self.

We can then see our frailties, smallness and limitations, in contrast with the immensity of the universe, in which we find our “life presence” catapulted. By showing and feeling gratitude, we acknowledge to ourselves and others, the interface of this precarious existence.

This is the perfect way of declaring acceptance, which provides a true emptiness or space, from which real growth can begin.

The growth I speak of here, is not the growth rooted in matter, but real growth, that of Spirit.By meditating diligently, on the higher realms of Light and Sound, the small self as it expands, will continually dissolve into the larger Self. Eventually, on Enlightenment, the drop of rain will merge seamlessly with the ocean of infinite consciousness, and the illusion of separation is lost forever.

Paradoxically, at this point we realize that the gratitude we had initially, was to our Self. And, its manifestation, had provided the key to unlock the ultimate mystery of them all. Who am I ?