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Quest for Peace

What is the point of Initiating and Enlightening so many people? How do we neutralize the intentions of those who are repeatedly causing wars on this planet? From the Spiritual Hierarchy Your answer lies not in how to neutralize (war intentions) but how to change the consciousness of your planet. Once the desire for power has turned into aggression there… Read more →

Aforismos de Phaedra

Estamos humilhado por ter tido 33 aforismos canalizados a partir da hierarquia de uma mulher de luz chamado Fedra. Incluímos abaixo e também estão incluídos juntamente com o resto dos aforismos que são visíveis no lado direito do site. Esperamos fornecer inspiração dentro e fora de sua meditação.   1. Quando você chegar ao seu novo objetivo sempre aparecerá outra.… Read more →


Gratitude can only manifest when our consciousness expands sufficiently, to reveal the perception of the relationship, between self and the non-self. We can then see our frailties, smallness and limitations, in contrast with the immensity of the universe, in which we find our “life presence” catapulted. By showing and feeling gratitude, we acknowledge to ourselves and others, the interface of… Read more →


Service, by many, would be considered as an old fashioned word and concept. In today’s world of “what’s in it for me”, the idea of an allegiance through serving a person or cause sounds strange and out-dated. However, when it comes to Spirituality, it is something we should all ponder and adopt as a natural way to walk our paths.… Read more →